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Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Quest

We were the perfect family, at least it seemed so for a while.
But soon we sensed there was a gap- that we were missing some bright smile;
that we waited for a tiny voice we felt was destined still to come
for here we had the sort of love that needed to be spread to some dear other child,
who needed us to share with them our loving home.

And so began our family quest to find the one to for whom we sought,
the one sweet child left all alone, unloved, untended, and untaught.
We sought for you in distant lands, as prayerfully wereached our goal.
At last we found that dearest child, who stilled the echoes in our soul.
For if, my child, we rescued you, then you have madeour family whole.

2004 by Amelia Harper


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