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Monday, May 08, 2006

I dream of you

Today I'm sitting at the spot
I call our secret place
With eyes closed tight I dream of you
The tears stream down my face

I left you here a year ago
It was to my despair
The emptiness within me
Is more than I can bear

Where are you today my darling?
Where are you today my dear?
A part of me is missing
I wish you still were here

Are you perhaps in China
Maybe right down the street
Sometimes I walk right by that place
In hopes our eyes will meet

I left you here my daughter
I left you in this place
Each time I close my eyes at night
My dreams fill with your face

I will always love you
I will always care
Even though I left you here
My dreams are yours to share

Please forgive me little one
There was no other choice
When you close your eyes at night
Your heartbeat is my voice.
Tom Fisher


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