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Monday, May 08, 2006

Our Child

Our child Can never not be yours, Nor not ours.

So somehow, We must let you know Our unbound gratitude For this precious gift you nurtured then gave into our keeping.

Thank you for sharing life. For allowing it uterine maturity In place of abortive non-existence Which you could have chosen.

Thank you for Caring deeply enough, For trusting enough To place your babe into a small secure ark, To float in the rushes of life Without even a Miriam at the watch To tell you where His path will be.

We honor that trust, And shall love and cherish him As strongly and surely as you do.
Our child Will grow tall and well Undoubtedly with the stumblings And skinned knees of life. But always we will be there. And you also, in spirit, close by.

A mother's spirit knows no abandonment, No matter what circumstances Produce separation or distances Our child will always know that you care.

We pray for your joy and well-being We humbly acknowledge your gift, And in spirit closeness Share with you OUR CHILD.


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