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Monday, May 08, 2006

She Loves Me

She Loves Me
You started to grow, the Authorities wouldn’t learn
I knew in my heart, I’d carry you full term
She Loves Me Not
But you left me alone that night in the park
You left me alone by myself in the dark
She Loves Me
That place that I left you was busy by day
I knew you’d be found, I planned it that way
She Loves Me Not
I cried through the night, your face to see
Alone in the morning they discovered me
She Loves Me
I watched from a distance, I kept you in sight
Your cries broke my heart, the tears blocked my sight
She Loves Me Not
I went to a home where lots of kids live
There wasn’t much love like a mother would give
She Loves Me
I watched you that year, for I had a plan
A mother would come from a distant land
She Loves Me Not
You watched me? You cared?You knew that some day,
a mother would comeTo take me away?
She Loves Me
Yes, my darling, though oceans apart
A red thread connects us, a thread from my heart
She Loves Me
Oh mother, you love me.
Your plan came to be
I'm in a new home
I wish you could see
This one from your dreams
is really quite kind
She loves me like you,
the best one could find.

I'm sorry I questioned
how you felt that day
I know that you love me,
my heart is OK
That red thread you speak of,
I see it too!
It's comes from my heart,
straight back to you.
-Tom Fisher


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